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100 tahun titaNic..

15 April 2012..

This Web site relates the story of the Titanic, sumptuous liner which sank during its maiden journey on April 15, 1912, bringing death to 1523 of the 2228 passengers and crew members aboard. Only 705 survived.
hurmm..satu tOpic cantik..menaRik..tertarik..teH tarik..bayangkan..kapal nie yang diagung2kan dengan teknologi zaman tu..kOmpem x tenggeLam kan? lUpa la tuh kuasa kat atas..jangan lupa..kita cUma mencipta..tapi hasiL belum tentu sebaiknyaNYA..kan kan kan?
tapi srOnOk nk tau citer sebenar kan? bak kata..yang kaji saL kapaL yang tenggeLam dLam perlayaran pertama tuh..sUmer ader..saintis ader..pakar ader..sumer ader beb..cUma x der sOrang pOm yang berjaya turun bAwah situ..sUmer Jasa2 rObOt amek pix..aii xberani ye? takOt ader zOmbie ke brO? haha..
paperpOm..laU kOrang nk tengOk..sempena 100 tahuN kapal tuh tenggeLaM..histOry channeL akan siarkan cer sal kapal tuh sekali dengan bab2 yang xpenah kOrang tengOk..
*pls..jgn imagine cam daLam cer titanic..memUsnahkan! * 
taPi ader gak yang sUrvive..ape la rasa drng kan?
cuma fakta yang aku tau..kapal nie mUla belayar 10 april 1912..tinggalkan Southampton,EngLand..pelayaran pertama je da karAM..perggh..sayang..kapal lawa..naper aku tulis sal nie? ntah weh..aku sUka ader somthing yang fishy sal benda nie..
kadang2 aku rasa camnie..hehehehhe..
 ane la tau kan kan?kOrang xnampak..aku pOm xnampak..hahaha..dOt.cukup.tak lawak.
minah bertOpi : wuarggghh!!beb,pekena kOpi O satu nak?
makcik : weh..da nak mati nie..tak sedar diri..
monah bertOpi : nk mati mati jUgak..
makcik : *&^%!!
 pastuh ader wat2 mOvie..memang la best..tapi..
tengOk bOle..percaya jangan..
tapi xley bLah..yang tuh jugak tOp berzaman2..hurmm..
tapi..ader trUe stOry..weLL..yang nie sUkaatie lah kOrang nak caya..sebab aku pOm tukang baca je..
"My grandfather was a survivor on the Titanic. Here is his story.

There were many scenes of heroism and courage aboard the Titanic that dreadful night. Many willingly gave up their places in the lifeboats to save others. But perhaps no scene grips the heart more than that of the lonely telegrapher Jack Phillip telling Harold to leave while calmly tapping out his distress signal, over and over again, hoping against hope that help would come, that souls would be saved. 

The crew loading women & children first into the life boats know many of them would perish. Let’s not forget about some of the elderly women who remained with their husbands so that it left room for others to take their seats in the life boats. The thirds class passengers behind the locked gates comforting others as the ship is breaking apart plunging to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. Crew and passengers searching for lost children and missing family members including searching for the family pet. The crew keeping the generators on that controlled the ships lights as long as possible, knowing they too would go down with the mighty ship.

Grandfather age 21, most likely signed on at South Hampton, England along with many of the other Titanic crew members. Grandfather was an engine oiler also called a greaser by the British. Grandpa’s duty was to lubricate the lower moving parts of the Titanic’s two reciprocating engines. On Sunday April 14th 1912 three days out of South Hampton, Grandfather recalled the Titanic, was making good time, and the trip was uneventful. 

That evening Grandfather and his buddy Murdock had just gotten off shift, stepped out of the Funnel Structure to get a breath of fresh air on the lower deck instead of going to bed, when they heard a crash that sounded like thunder it was then when the ship crashed into the fateful iceberg. The huge ship quivered and engine boilers hissed. The 2 men became frightened and headed for the #2 lifeboat. 

It was about five minutes past midnight when they reached the boat deck. They saw the iceberg looming ahead, but they didn’t think anything of it. From their vantage point they could only see six life boats so they climbed in being No. 2 which was the closest lifeboat. Not being worried about the unsinkable liner going down -- they were afraid the commotion would bring ship’s officers on the deck and they’d get caught off limits! 

They had no idea that the ship was going down, until the lifeboat was being lowered. A steward put them in command of the craft. The two had to push men off the lifeboat on to the Titanic deck so the women and children could get in. The two helped 20 women and children get on board their little boat, while crewmen on the ship fought with men to keep them off the lifeboats, which were lowered to the sea and left the ship. Among the passengers was young Mrs. John Jacob Aster, and Mrs. Bush whose famous husbands remained on the Titanic. They became hysterical. Grandfather said he never wanted to go though an experience like that again.

As the lifeboat left the “Titanic” the women sat in the lifeboat in a state of relative composure. They were safe, and after all, wasn’t the “Titanic” unsinkable? After about 30 minutes in the water, that mighty liner’s lights went off. The women were inconsolable, and their screams heightened when they heard the “Titanic” shudder and dive to its death with a roar. 

Dawn brought little cheer to the lifeboat’s occupants. So deep was their shock that the craft’s food and water supplies went untouched throughout the day. Manning the lifeboat Grandpa and Murdock circled around and around for 20 hours waiting for rescue. Dusk’s onset brought the sight of a ship’s mast, and spirits rose as the survivors realized that the “Carpathia” had sighted them.

At 3:30 AM the rescue ship, the Carpathia's rockets are sighted by the survivors in the lifeboats. By 4:10AM morning their lifeboat was picked up by the Carpathia. The 20 women along with Grandpa and Murdock are helped aboard the ship. By 8:30AM the last lifeboat had been rescued and 30 minutes later the last survivors was helped safely aboard. They passengers and crew were given blankets and food helping those with medical needs.

Until the day Grandfather passed away 50 years later, he could still hear the women screaming and still feel the roll of the sea. Always picturing in his mind, were frantic men jumping overboard without lifebelts into the sea. 1527 souls perished and only 705 survived during this tragic event. "
ini fakta..bukan auta..bukan toYota..
hah? apa? xfaham? xper.aku pOm xfaham pOm..hahahahah :D..

AND ...aku ada sUrVey..Last persOn survivOr yang still hiduP (sebelum dia mati) tuk 

citer sikit saL per jadi dulu.. 



Last Titanic survivor dead at 97..


Millvina Dean, the youngest passenger on the Titanic and the last living link to history's most famous sunken ship, died today at a nursing home in Hampshire, England, a friend told the BBC. Her age was 97

Born Elizabeth Gladys Dean in London on Feb. 12, 1912, she was about 8 weeks old when the luxury liner set sail. She was on the ship because her parents, Bertram and Georgetta Dean, had sold their London pub in hopes of beginning a new life in America. Their plan was to open a tobacco shop in Wichita, Kan., where they had family and friends.

The Deans and their two children were originally booked on another White Star liner, but a coal strike prompted a transfer to the Titanic, on its maiden voyage. They boarded at Southampton as third-class passengers and set sail April 10, 1912.

On the night of April 14, while sailing south of Newfoundland's Grand Banks, the elder Dean felt the iceberg's fatal gouge into the ship's hull. Leaving the cabin to investigate, he soon returned to shepherd his wife and their sleeping children up on deck. Millvina and her mother, who had lost track of her 2-year-old son in the panic and chaos, were seated in Lifeboat 10 and were among the first steerage passengers to escape the sinking liner. Millvina was so tiny that she had to be lifted into the lifeboat in a postal sack.

After their boat drifted in the water for some time, they were rescued and taken aboard the Carpathia, a ship that had answered the Titanic's distress call. Millvina's brother was already aboard the Carpathia. The ship arrived safely in New York on April 18.

Ms. Dean's father, in his mid-20s at the time, was one of the 1,500 who perished. His body, if recovered, was never identified.

At first, Ms. Dean's mother wanted to go on to Kansas and fulfill her husband's dream of starting a new life in America, but as a widow with two young children, she ultimately decided to return home. After two weeks in a New York hospital, she and her children returned to England aboard the Adriatic.

As a baby who had survived the Titanic tragedy, Millvina attracted a great deal of attention. Passengers aboard the Adriatic lined up to hold her and take her picture. The Daily Mirror reported on May 12, 1912, that the infant "was the pet of the liner during the voyage, and so keen was the rivalry between women to nurse this lovable mite of humanity that one of the officers decreed that first and second class passengers might hold her in turn for no more than ten minutes."

She and her brother were largely educated with funds from charity organizations dedicated to Titanic survivors. It was not until she was 8 and her mother was planning to remarry that she discovered she had been a passenger on the ship.

During World War II, she was a cartographer for the British government, and she later worked in the purchasing department of a Southampton engineering firm. She retired in 1972.

Ms. Dean played down her connection to the storied ship until just a few years ago and then traveled extensively to attend Titanic-related events. In 2008, she announced that she was struggling to pay the costs of her room at the nursing home where she lived. Earlier this year, she auctioned off several of her remaining Titanic mementos, including the mail sack in which she might have been rescued. It brought about $4,800.

Don Mullan, an Irish author and photographer, was moved by her plight and challenged Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, stars of the 1997 blockbuster hit "Titanic," along with the film's director, James Cameron, to come to her aid. Last month, the three made substantial donations to the Millvina Fund, set up by Ms. Dean's friends.

She became the last survivor on Oct. 16, 2007, when Barbara West Dainton of Truro, England, died at 96. The last American survivor, Lillian Gertrud Asplund, died in Massachusetts on May 6, 2006. She was 99.

-- Washington Post


p/s : cane la filEM dia laku kalau aDa..



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